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The Consulate General of Italy offers services and promotes Italy in different sectors, across Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.
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The Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) is the Cultural Office of the Italian Consulate General in Los Angeles. The Italian Cultural Institute is an organization aimed at strengthening the cultural links between the United States and Italy by organizing arts exhibitions, promoting Italian events dealing with Italian music, dance, cinema, theater, architecture, literature, cuisine, etc.
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The Italian Government Tourist Board provides tourist and travel information for Italy.
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The Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (I.C.E) is the public agency entrusted with promoting trade, business opportunities and industrial co-operation between Italian and foreign companies, mostly by organizing the participation of Italian firms in fairs, exhibitions, workshops.
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Fondazione Italia promotes Italian culture and language instruction. Fondazione Italia is a California non-profit corporation, governed by a volunteer board of community leaders.
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Comites are elective organisms which represent the needs of Italians citizens resident in foreign Countries. The Comites in L.A. works in relationship with the Embassy and its Consolar Offices to identify the social, cultural and civil necessities of the Italian Community.
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Assocamerestero is the association of the Italian Chambers of Commerce worldwide, created for the use and development of the activities of the Chambers by spreading awareness and interest regarding the network and its special features among Italian and International institutions and entrepreneurial organizations.
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Unioncamere represents the general interests of the Chambers of Commerce. Unioncamere works directly with both national and international institutions to realize collaborative initiatives that greatly help to support the Chambers.
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Fiera Milano is a group of companies that not only manages fitted spaces of one of the biggest exhibition centers in the world, but even organizes shows and congresses and provides the full range of fair-related services for companies.
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The Italian national daily business newspaper. Il Sole 24 Ore reports on business, politics, developments in commercial and labour law, corporate news and features.

The Italian daily newspaper published in Milan.

The second largest circulation Italian daily general-interest newspaper.
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